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"There's a method to his madness"

I'm a product designer specializing in making the technology, business and design of a modern product work together.

Work & Projects

Brief overview of some of the recent work and projects I've been involved in.

SL Strategic Development

Concept development project for the future Stockholm metro. Production of a concept of operations (ConOps) for the whole metro system in a 2030-2050 year perspective. Strategical gap analysis. Editing, workhops, planning, interviews, illustrations, administration.
SLL website.

Infotiv Information & Design

Production of an e-learning course for Scania. Mainly script and content.
Infotiv website.

Scania Vehicle Service Information

Creation of text and illustrations for publication in bodywork manual (BWM). Improvement projects with focus on internal work processes.
Scania website.

Tjing App Development

App development project started as a final examination project. Social geoposition real-time application that connects people over a fika. Ideation, project leadership, UX-design, business development, collaborations. 
Tjing website.

ZetaDisplay Business Development

Business development university project for group CEO. Scholarship received for best business development project.
ZetaDisplay website.

Ecolean Product Development

Product renewal university design project for product division.
Ecolean website.

Sole Proprietor

Registered for own company since 2011. Compilation and sales of business and market data for marketing campaigns and new partnerships. Web portal development project.


Bachelors degree in innovation engineering, one year experience in front-end development and since childhood a deep passion for everything digital.

Front-end CodingMovie Actor GameWebapp game with dynamic search queries linked to a movie database API. The goal is to find the link from one actor to another through movies and other actors they have in common.
Front-end CodingJobsearch APILightweight webapp test that connects to the Swedish Employment Agency's API
Front-end CodingSwedish City Name GeneratorGathered and analyzed data and created archetypes and an algorithm to generate realistic fantasy swedish city names.
Front-end CodingRandom JS Object Picker FunctionSimple function for picking objects randomly based on varying probability within an array. Can be called as a function with a corresponding property (randPick(fruit).name for example).
Front-end CodingRandom Pixel Image FunctionVery basic experimental code for generating randomized pixels in a JS environment.
Front-end CodingDagens Ord WebappWebapp linked to Firebase realtime database with functionality for adding words and its translation for learning words in another language.
EngineeringDrink MixerBuilt, coded and electrically wired a machine from scratch that mixes customizable amounts of liquids. Conveyor belt missing from construction but otherwise fully functional. Built in less than 2 weeks.
ExcelFlag GeneratorExcel tool that generates new flags based on real combinations and colors. Data from flags gathered, analyzed and algorithm created from scratch.
ExcelFootball Game Player Stats ConverterThis tool has been built from scratch over a course of ~8 years for different versions of the FIFA and Football Manager game series. The main principle is importing and working with data from the indepth simulation game Football Manager and converting these quickly and realistically to a FIFA environment output. I have also translated roughly 20% of this tool into JavaScript code.
ExcelMap GeneratorThis tool generates different dimensions of a map (altitude, humidity) and adds them together along with biome data in order to generate a fairly realistic world map.
ExcelQ-filter Statistics ReportHandmade excel sheet for logging document quality within Scania BWM project.
ExcelNational University Test SimulationUsing inverted normal distribution along with randomized fractals and national test data in order to generate a graphical random simulation of a classroom with realistic test results at a Högskoleprov.
ExcelStudy Card ToolLets the user create, review and learn custom study cards.


Passion for social entrepreneurship and the tech startup scene. Resident in a large prolific coliving house for tech entrepreneurs. Sole proprietor and freelancer. Some academic experience in economy and law.

Business CaseTjingCreated a custom built business model focused on speed and scalability for my app development project Tjing.
StrategySL Strategic DevelopmentSupporting part in a small group of experts tasked with developing the high-level concept for the future metro system of Stockholm. Interviews and workshops with senior business leaders on a national level.
Business developmentZetaDisplayUniversity project for group CEO where we analyzed the finances and strategy of publically stock market listed company ZetaDisplay.
MarketingRisiFrutti AnalysisGeneral marketing analysis of the brand RisiFrutti.


Academical, hobby and work experience in graphic and industrial design. Strong believer in service design methodology, UX/CX perspectives and design thinking.

Graphic DesignTjing Product BrochureProduct brochure made for stakeholders and potential investors in app development project Tjing.
MediaTjing Marketing VideoRepeating introductory video for exposition stand.
UI & UX DesignTjing UI & UX Prototype User interface and user experience designed along with an interactive app prototype using the tool
Industrial DesignHanging LampExhibitionistic lamp designed and constructed from scratch. Materials are plywood, hemp rope and fishing line. Purpose of the aesthetics is to instill the viewer with a feeling of imbalance and question the divergence between what looks heavy/light/strong/weak and what actually is. Also has moodboard and themeboard.
Graphic DesignPresentation Ethics and LeadershipPowerpoint presentation with only custom elements. Needs to be opened in PowerPoint to show properly.
Graphic DesignPresentation Building A TeamPowerpoint presentation with only custom elements. Needs to be opened in PowerPoint to show properly.
Graphic DesignPresentation FeedbackPowerpoint presentation with only custom elements. Needs to be opened in PowerPoint to show properly.
Graphic DesignWater Purification System LogoLogo design for a company that sells a product that purifies water with PVC pipes and a solar powered pump.
Industrial DesignBarbecueCAD created foldable and mobile barbecue.
Graphic DesignPresentation Coffee App ConceptPowerpoint presentation with only custom elements. Needs to be opened in PowerPoint to show properly.
Graphic DesignPhotography LogoLogo design for a professional car photographer.
Design CaseCylinda Product ConceptDesignbrief, moodboard, themeboard and personas for a propsed new washing machine product branch.
Graphic DesignPresentation TjingPowerpoint presentation with only custom elements. Needs to be opened in PowerPoint to show properly.
Industrial DesignEcolean product designProduct renewal project for lightweight packaging product. Research, tests, design concepts. Result implemented in industrial bulk volume tests.
Interior DesignTjing Exposition StandProduct presentation stand at exposition. Rewarded with 1st prize for best stand at the fair.


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